Energy is the largest overhead expenditure for most businesses and with a well-planned energy management solution you can significantly reduce this cost – typically by a five-digit figure every year – and have the ability to forecast more accurately over the long term.

Whether investing your own capital expenditure or installing solutions at zero cost via a Power purchase agreement (PPA), AA Solar can help you leverage the long term financial benefits of energy technology that goes much further than simply saving money.


How AA Solar Can help you ‘Go Save’

  • Offer in-depth analysis of your current energy bills to advise the best solutions and accurately forecast long terms savings and income.
  • Work with you to design and engineer a Solar PV system that will optimize your savings and balance ROI and capital expenditure budgets.
  • Ability to provide financial options to install & commission the Solar PV Plant.
  • Provide ongoing operation and maintenance support for the lifetime of your system to ensure that you continue to deliver year on year benefits