Hotels and Resorts Solar Energy projects

With energy being one of the biggest costs to the hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors, Hotels and Resorts Solar Energy projects by AA Solar India can help to make your business more profitable by reducing your bottom line. Businesses such as gyms, hotels, health clubs and leisure centres are great candidates for solar PV as they require huge amounts of electricity to power lighting, air conditioning, swimming pools and mass catering. With lighting standards also high on the agenda for the convenience of customers, a highly efficient LED lighting solution is also perfectly suited to this sector.

Energy efficient technologies such as solar PV, solar thermal and heat pumps can not only dramatically reduce your overheads but offer fast payback (typically 6-8 years). From hotels & resorts to public swimming pools & leisure centres, carbon management and consumer demand for greener leisure are on the rise – not only will investing in sustainable solutions save your business vital capital but it contributes towards CSR objectives and can be used as an effective PR & marketing tool.

Saving you money through a solar PV system

If your business is a single site, a self-funded solar PV system will not only allow you to save money on energy bills. The above also applies to multi-site hospitality and leisure groups, turning unused roof space into an investment. Depending on your roof size, your sites could also qualify for a Power Purchase Agreement where you will have a free solar PV system installed and maintained for a 20-40 year term. Each site will then purchase the generated electricity at a pre-agreed rate that is lower than your current energy supplier and consequently saving you money on your bills.

LED lighting for bills savings and customer experience

As highlighted earlier, lighting is very important in this sector and by investing in an LED lighting system, you can save up to 90% on lighting costs. With systems typically paying for themselves in as little as 2.5 years, your facilities will also benefit from increased lighting performance and durability giving your customers a better experience.