Solar Power Purchase Agreement in India

AA Solar can offer you a free, fully maintained solar PV system through an attractive Solar power purchase agreement in India for 25 years. During this term, electricity generated by us is purchased at a cheaper rate than your existing energy supplier saving you thousands of rupees every year and giving you long term control over your savings.

What is a power purchase agreement?

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is a popular ‘free solar’ proposition that offers credible companies long term financial, accounting and Eco benefits. It involves two parties with one business generating the solar energy and the other purchasing business purchasing it. A PPA also satisfies companies that prefer to use external investors to leverage the benefits of solar energy whilst they reinvest their own funds into core business activities.

Free solar and long term cheaper electricity

If your Company is eligible for the PPA, We will provide you with a free, fully maintained solar PV system – designed and installed by AA Solar – in return for a fixed-term lease & license of your roof and airspace above your premises.

A competitive PPA price (per unit of electricity) will also be offered that is cheaper than your existing energy provider and linked to an inflation rate that is lower than the energy market, saving you tens of thousands of rupees every year for the duration of the PPA and giving your finance team the much-desired ability to forecast electricity costs over the long term.

Solar PPA rates: No upfront costs or ongoing fees

No upfront costs or ongoing service fees apply, meaning that you begin to make savings from day one and continue to benefit for the full term of the PPA, usually for a minimum of 20 years. At the end of the term, it is common practice that the PV system will be gifted to you for free.

Benefits of a PPA

A PPA makes perfect business sense and is set up to mutually benefit both you and the investor;

  • Free solar PV system | the system is fully funded by a reputable banking institution.
  • Guaranteed savings on energy bills | electricity generated by your PV system is purchased back off the investor at a rate cheaper than your current energy provider linked to inflation better than the energy market
  • No maintenance costs | as part of the agreement, your system will have an ongoing operation and maintenance contract at no cost to yourself
  • Long term budget control | the unit price you pay for electricity generated by the system will be fixed for the term of the agreement, allowing you to budget better for the future
  • Fully transferable | the PPA contract can be transferred to the new occupants should you move to new premises in the future
  • Zero cost ‘green’ credentials | a zero cost route to improving your company’s CSR, enhancing relations with Eco-conscious suppliers & customers

Do you qualify for a solar power purchase agreement?

One team will conduct a detailed analysis of your roof size, type, orientation and pitch in addition to assessing your current electricity infrastructure, usage and bills to ensure you are a suitable candidate for a PPA.

In addition, for a PPA to be considered, your roof needs to have enough space for a minimum system size of 50 kWp (approx. 200 panels) that is not affected by shading. It is also useful that your building has a fully functional electricity meter and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The banking institution will also be looking to minimize risk on their part, which will require you to provide evidence of long-term stability (i.e. financial accounts)

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