Solar Projects for Schools and Colleges

Reduce bills, engage pupils and help the environment with solar panels and sustainable solutions in Solar Projects for Schools and Colleges.

Schools are the perfect case for implementing sustainable solutions. The key benefits of Solar is split into three categories:

  1. Reduced electricity bills: schools can make significant savings on their electricity bills, allowing them spend money on educational and recreational programs, not on energy. Solar panels can generate electricity for more than 40 years so the cost savings will go on for some time and likely to be substantial.
  2. Reducing CO2 emissions: combating climate change by significantly reducing the school’s greenhouse gas emissions. Using the above example, a medium size system can reasonably expect to mitigate several tons of greenhouse gas emission each and every year, creating significant CO2 savings over the lifespan of a system.
  3. Education and engagement: being able to communicate to the pupils the benefits of sustainability through a working example of renewable technology in their own school will provide more direct engagement, particularly in the subjects of geography, science, design and technology and IT. This can also help to inspire the wider community to take action to address climate change.

Your school can benefit from free solar through a Power Purchase Agreement or take advantage of an exclusive Energy Efficiency Financing scheme to give you an operating solution with the benefit of being cash flow positive from day one.

Solar Projects for Schools and Colleges

When it comes to school construction, there are a few key drivers. Projects are often influenced by community needs, changes in curriculum, advancements in learning practices and financial circumstances. And when you work on these projects first-hand, there are many lessons learned. Over the years, we’ve partnered with both public and private school districts to design, construct, expand and renovate many educational facilities. Each project have specific goals, visions, restrictions and results.

We share our experience gained in the use of  Solar technology in the school construction in the hopes that it may aid or even inspire opportunities to invest in and strengthen communities.

Some educational clients are in a position to self-fund a solar PV system, however, with school budgets typically not supportive of large capital investments, we have two attractive options to help your school enjoy the benefits of energy technology and save money on energy bills.

Educational premises are associated with having large buildings, often spread across multiple sites. With ample roof space available, most clients are applicable to take advantage of a free solar PV system through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills and be protected against future energy price rises.

The above link will give you more detail about a PPA but in principle your school can have a solar PV system installed and maintained for free over a typical 20-40 year term. With the feed-in tariff payments for generation going to a nominated 3rd party, your school will in turn purchase any generated electricity from us at an agreed price per unit; much cheaper than your current energy supplier, saving you money on your bills.

Save the environment and achieve the Green Flag award

Although energy bill savings are generally the main motivator for schools to invest in energy technology, it is becoming more desirable for schools to employ a level of sustainability and environmental awareness; energy technology installations such as solar and LED can be a huge contributor to achieving the Green  environmental award.